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and growing regulation, which includes over 50 policies and nearly 150,000 words as of 2014. Koreatown District Approved Office Space Condominiums. Archived from the original on July 8, 2012. In 2015, French researchers Dr José Lages of the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon and Dima Shepelyansky of Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse published a global university ranking based on Wikipedia scholarly citations. As of February 2014 it has 15,000,000 items and 1,000 properties for describing them. ero noveller norwegian couple sex "3 Charts That Show How Wikipedia Is Running Out of dating affiliate program reviews kymenlaakso Admins". English Wikipedia's protection policy English Wikipedia's full protection policy a b Birken,. 15 In 2005, Nature published a peer review comparing 42 hard science articles from Encyclopaedia Britannica and Wikipedia and found that Wikipedia's level of accuracy approached that of Britannica, 16 although critics suggested that it might. According to a study by Pnina Shachaf in the Journal of Documentation, the quality of the Wikipedia reference desk is comparable to a standard library reference desk, with an accuracy. Swartz, Aaron (September 4, 2006). Further, Wikipedia intends to convey only knowledge that is already established and recognized. Archived from the original (PDF) on April 3, 2012. ero noveller norwegian couple sex


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